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Children of the Galaxy

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Children of the Galaxy is a traditional 4X turn-based strategy with hexagonal maps and a turn-based combat with tactical elements. A procedurally generated galaxy gives players never ending possibilities with multiple victory conditions. Gameplay is dynamically based on the size of the galaxy, number of stars, planets, number of opponents and research. Classic turn-based combat is improved with tactical and RPG elements. You can build defensively or amass an aggressive army of starships to dominate your enemies. The choice is yours. 


  • Unique races – Each race has unique bonuses and different AI
  • Turn-Based combat with tactical elements – We have 7 unique combat classes
  • Procedurally generated galaxy – Each game has different number of planets and quantity of rare resources
  • Planet colonization and customization – There are 7 planet types to colonize. You can customize planet with constructions.
  • Research technology tree – Huge tech tree gives player many options how to play the game
  • Modding support – You can change galaxy configuration, AI, races, missions, ships and planet constructions

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Children of the Galaxy

Children of the Galaxy is a grand scale 4x turn-based strategy game with a turn-based combat and tactical elements. You can explore the galaxy, colonize planets and build huge armies of starships to fight in epic space battles.

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