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Chronicles of Vinland

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Historically, Norse colonization of the New World was totally brief and unfruitful. But what if they had some more luck?
You are a Norse chief, and rather notorious one. You caused problems in Norway, so the king had forced you to move to Iceland. You had some misunderstandings with local folk there, and eventually you was exiled to Greenland. But it was too boring for you in that cold wildlands, so you decided to move further! According to the sagas, there was a distant land in the West — Vinland…
You gathered three longships and two dozen fair families. One month in the sea had passed away – and here you are! A new land to settle — a new place to call home.
Expand your settlement: build and improve buildings, gather resources, gain influence… and eventually become the King of Vinland!

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Chronicles of Vinland

As an exiled Norse jarl, build a viking settlement on the edge of known world and let it thrive! Gather resources, develop your selttlement, and gather even more resources.

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