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Claybreaker – VR Clay Shooting

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Claybreaker is a virtual reality game which allows you to experience the fun and challenge of clay pigeon shooting from the comfort of your own home.

Claybreaker allows you to experience various different kinds of clay pigeon shooting in virtual reality including Skeet, Trap, Sporting and Simulated Game. Challenge yourself to shoot a perfect round of Skeet, practice your game style shooting with the Driven Pheasant layout or simply have fun and try to increase your accuracy in Free Shoot mode.

Claybreaker involves realistic shotgun operation. Reload the shotgun exactly as you would in real life, mount it with two hands using the virtual reality controllers, aim, give the clay adequate lead and pull the trigger to break it! Remember to watch out for recoil!

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Claybreaker – VR Clay Shooting

Claybreaker is a virtual reality clay shooting game.

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