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Clicker bAdventure

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If your liked 2D games clicker, you will love this 3D one.

You will have to defend your chest from your enemies’ attacks.
For that, you will have to become stronger.

Get a path through trees and upgrade your weapons and your resistance.
Your opponent will arrive always stronger, so you will have to show them your rapidity.

More than an original game, let you carry by the beautiful music and an emotional story.


This game was created to show you a new kind of gameplay.
No more life bars for the trees, depending of their color, you will get an estimation of the time required to cut it.
Shields are really cumbersome, so, do not hesitate to use your hat on your head to protect you.
Weapons evolution will modify their shape depending of their previous appearance. From a simple stick, you will get a spear.
All enemies will evolve in the same way, taking into account the appearance of the previous shape.

Replay Value

You will get the feeling that all your games are different.
The life of all trees is random.
Dialogs will always be different and will be played randomly in different moment in the game.
When you get the feeling you are strong enough, do not hesitate to upgrade the game difficulty to see how far you can go.

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Clicker bAdventure

The faster you click, the faster you will cut the trees to get bonus, and damage your enemies.
Will you be fast enough to stop the enemies coming always stronger in this open world?

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