Clothesline Carnage is a 2-4 player arcade fighting game.

    Sumo: Knock the other players off the map or obliterate them with a charged up punch! Set a time and score limit for any length match!
    Volleyball: Slam the volleyball onto the opposing team’s ground! Play 2v2, 1v2, or 1v3! The size and weight of the ball can be modified.
    Hacky Sack: Be the last player to touch the hacky sack before it touches the ground! Play solo or with teams. The size and weight of the hacky sack can be modified.
    Instagib: Hitting another player with a charged up attack now instantly obliterates them! This can be turned on or off per game mode.
    Lakeside: A beautiful lakeside view will make up for the buckets of blood and gore piling up on the foreground!
    Arena: A crowd has paid money to SEE. YOU. FIGHT. Don’t let them down!
    Skyline: When you need a little extra adrenaline in your life, duke it out on a roof!
    Play up to 4-players locally on one machine, with fully customizable controls for keyboards and controllers!
    Take the fight online and host a public or private server, join through the serverlist, or invite directly through your Steam friends list!

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Clothesline Carnage

Clothesline Carnage is a multiplayer arcade fighting game with modes like Sumo, Volleyball, and Hacky Sack.

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