Classic co-operative SNEK gamplay: Eat dots, get long, don’t die.
Play together with friends both online or on the same computer.

Co-op Levels

  • Eat dots, get long, beat the level
  • Play through tonnes of levels with lots of obstacles and things getting in your way. Try not to accidentally block your friends in.

Competitive Levels

  • Eat dots, get long, kill your friends
  • Go through the games levels in a random order while trying to get in the way of each other!

Endless Classic

  • Eat dots, get long… repeat
  • Simple empty screen with no obstacles. Get as long as you can and try to beat your previous high score.


  • Just send your friends a game name & password to get playing!


  • Smush all your hands together on a keyboard!
    (Note, some keyboards do not like this unless you have a "high-end" keyboard with n-key rollover)

  • Single Player: You can play by yourself, however, this game is really meant to be played with friends!
  • Controller Support: Incoming!

I want to make online + local co-op games, this is my first attempt. I aimed to make a game that you could put in front of a friend & easily start having fun without lengthy explanations. I hope I have succeeded at least somewhat, please leave a review and give us much feedback as you can, it is very much appreciated!

  • Non-music stuff: Jhomas
  • Trailer Music (teardrop): Amethyst Rockstars
  • Game Music: Eric Matyas

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Co-op SNEK Online

Eat dots, get long, don't die. Enjoy classic SNEK gameplay spread over many stages with your friends both online and locally.

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