Fast deadly and really fun. Participate in a huge space conflict based on a Cold War with your teammates.
Fair fights, where only your skill and speed does matter.

– Every shot is a potential kill.
– Fast respawn for unstoppable process.
– Melee weapon makes you more deadly in a close combat.
– Use the force-field, if you would like to life a little longer.
– Watch radar to cover your back.
– Use double jump mechanics to take advantage on a battlefield.
– Grab pickups dropped on the level, to make yourself more dangerous: rapid-fire, wallhack, speedhack, quad-jump and improved force-field.
– Customize your spaceman with a looted outfits.

Earth’s orbit, Mars and Venus could become your grave in four different gameplay modes. Try to survive.

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Cold Space

Fast team-based one-shot-one-kill shooter.
Cold War gave a start for a huge conflict in space. Grab your knife and pistol, turn on your force-field and fight in the name of your motherland.
But is it possible to survive for more than ten seconds in this slaughter?

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