A man, a woman, a date, and tons and tons of pooh.

You are the miraculous pill that can fix the situation!

Try to keep clean the man that swallowed you, and kill all the crap before it is too late!

Nobody but you can do that! You have only 5 minutes per level to clean the man’s intestine and save the date.


– 7 Levels full of "crappy monsters" to defeat.

– Two different modes: Story Mode and Crap Hysteria Mode (NOTE: you have to finish the Story Mode to unlock this mode).

– Two endings (with 2 different FMV.)

– Try to finish the game without swear like a trooper (The Crap Hysteria Mode is REALLY HARD, so we’re not responsable of your frustration).

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Crap Attack

A weird journey inside a man

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