Crashnauts is a competitive side-scrolling-shooter where you play with friends and foes to make your mark in the galaxy. Fight as a Human or Bruin to defend your dying solar system, or as one of the alien races to conquer and destroy. Test your twitch-shot skills in a Free-For-All match or build a strategic plan in the team based Push mode. Keln is in peril. Do your part and join the fight!

  • Fight local or online
  • Gib your enemies with beloved weapons such as rocket and rail guns, and new entries like the power glove
  • Battle in traditional game modes including FFA TDM and KOTH
  • Dominate in objective-based modes such as Push and War Hero, which add a new dimension with scrolling maps
  • Respawn on your enemies with a devastating crash pod that rockets down from outer space
  • Get hundreds of headshots

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Crashnauts is a hard-hitting 2D platform shooter for up to 4 players local or online. Quickplay online, or connect directly with friends in a custom match. Crash into objective based gameplay with scrolling levels and hazards. Fluid combat and brutal weapons make for a fresh experience every match.

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