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Angry newcomers are going to kidnap animals for their horrible experiments. Fortunately, the small animals have hope of salvation! An alien rabbit from the Galactic Society for the Protection of Animals is in a hurry to help! With his assistant gorilla and bison, he must free the animals in two worlds.

Free the animals on the farm and in the thicket of the jungle in this endless runner with the space bunny. In a difficult situation, his friends will help you. Call the gorilla and bison to destroy any obstacles; use jetpack and upgrades to overcome the long path.

Don’t forget to collect the stars, because the rabbit is a great trendy! For the collected stars you can dress him up in stylish hats and glasses. In addition to this, the stars can be spent on upgrades and the buying of additional lives.

+ Drawn 2D graphics.
+ 2 World: jungle and farm.
+ 18 species of animals.
+ Cruel newcomers.
+ 2 assistants: Gorilla and Bison.
+ Jetpack and upgrades.
+ Customization of the hero.
+ Simple operation.
+ 500 easy achievements.
+ Dynamic music.

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Crazy Alien

Angry newcomers kidnap animals for experiments, but animals have hope for safety! This savior is you! Free the animals in this endless runner along with the space bunny and his henchmen.

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