Have you ever seen a fish…. EXPLODE?

What about a fish that is actually a rocket? Or a basketball? We’re releasing in Early Access on April 06, 2017. Our initial Early Access release contains:

  • Multiple locations around an alpine lake (one of many to come).
  • Hooks, Fishing Rods & Easter Eggs.
  • Crazy and unique fishes, each with crazy (and intriguing) interactions.
  • A treasure map!?
  • Introducing a bait machine that chomps up whatever you put in, and spits out things you will never expect!
  • Responsive fishing rod mechanics, for an immersive fishing experience.


We plan to significantly update the game every 4 weeks, with some minor updates to address any key bugs according to player feedback. We want to ensure the core fishing experience is amazing and thoroughly polished while, giving the player a whole new world to explore and fish in. At the end of Early Access, Crazy Fishing will aim to have:

  • More Worlds for Crazy Fishing (2 more worlds are already planned).
  • More Hooks, More Fishing Rods, and A LOT more Easter Eggs.
  • A Crazy amount of fish (Aiming for 4-5x the amount we have already in.)
  • A unique bait making system.
  • Crazy Fishing Achievements.

We want you to get hooked! Come and enjoy our puns, our wacky humour. Can you catch all the fish? The great legendary fish?

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Crazy Fishing

Have you ever seen.... a fish EXPLODE?

What about a fish that is actually a rocket? Or a basketball? or even a banjo....prepare for a ridiculous crazy fishing adventure!

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