Free future DLCs

Also we will make new free DLCs, if the game is bought by definitely number of people.
Possible DLCs:
200 purchases: "Aftermath"
– 1986 starting year (if Chernenko would died in 1986); new usual and prestarting (‘history’) events; new modificators.
350 purchases: "Five years of funeral"
– Death of politicians; new politicians; events-reaction on death of politicians.
450 purchases: "The August coup"
– 1991 starting year(playable GKChP and Gorbachev); special prestarting ("history") events for this starting year; new modificators.
650 purchases: "Arsenal of Lubyanka"
– Specials features of KGB; geological science branch (which influence on different types of country); opportunity to influence on propaganda vector.
800 purchases: "Australia and Oceania"
– Adding of Australia and Oceania, cooperation with them, and new events.
1000 purchases: "Alternative"
– 1993 starting year, where USSR has won the Cold War, but lost countries and former allies, despite of accepting new ideological formation, are cooperating in Collective Security Treaty Alliance to prepare a ground for a new Cold War. New events, new actions in Dimplomacy and new Aalliances.

About the Game

Comrades! Brothers and sisters!

In this significant day I want to tell all workers of the world, that our expectations have come true and as The Great Revolution was a perfect Party’s creation so a proletarian game Crisis in Kremlin is an outstanding achievement of this great organization! Because now completely every person, even a cook, can rule the state! And this is our merit, comrades, because only we bring protection and prosperity and we must overtake the rotting West. And so every person must as soon as possible master this skill by opening Crisis in Kremlin and bring the started to an end – to the 5-year plan of new millennium!
In the game every comrade will have to solve important political and economic, but historically accurate, interesting and exciting questions and tasks. On your decisions it will depend, what the USSR will be by the end of the year 1991 (and even a bit further) – empty words, which everybody interpret in dark colors, a superpower or the new pillar of democracy, though you can try any other political mechanic, you like.
However,don’t forget that we are watching you closely and honestly hope that you will not betray your labor Motherland!

Crisis in the Kremlin

– is the game about Perestroyka time, where you should reign the Soviet Union at such hard period and lead it to the Bright Future by way like you want!
Do you think democracy and free market are salvation? Do you want democracy socialism? Or christian conservatism? Utopian communism?.. Or, perhaps, do you like dictatorship and your deification? All ways are open!
Here you can:
– Start Perestroyka and survival through it
– Demolish Soviet Union or build full-automatisation state
– Rule the Council of Ministers
– Controll the State Planning Comittee
– Commit diplomacy actions
– Intervene in international events
– Repress, reform, proclaim, interfere, declare, destroy and build…
Will you influence on dark future?
All world is waiting for you, comrade!

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Crisis in the Kremlin

Don’t let the Soviet Union to collapse, and the socialist system to fall in the darkness of history or lead the Soviet Union by a new path – democracy and free market! But before you decide something, think – wouldn’t it cause more harm than good?

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