• The goal is simple, but it’s never easy.
    Bosses are armed with powerful abilities and various patterns.
    It will stimulate your challenging spirit!
  • A battle full of excitement.
    Quick judgment and analysis is the only way to live!
    A very short moment determines death and survival.
  • Bosses with distinct features.
    Each boss has a completely different concept. The method of attacking the boss accordingly is also different.
    In this battle where there is only victory or defeat, They will not be kind!
  • The game functions even if there is no internet or Wifi connection.


  • You can adjust the movement direction with the keyboard.
  • Left mouse button can determine and fire the aiming direction. Firing when the aiming gauge enters the red point can cause a fatal attack.
  • You can dodge with the right mouse button. A short time using dodge can negate the enemy attack.
  • You can fill the gauges below the health gauges when using evasion, lethal attack, or negating an enemy attack.
  • When the gauge is full, you can try more powerful attacks!
  • If you lose all 4 health, you are defeated.
  • X-box 360 gamepad support.

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Thrilling mobile battle, an action game that is never easy [Crown Fall]. Defeat overwhelming bosses one after another.

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