Experience a siege game like never before. Dive into the Fantasy universe in VR where you are the hero…or villain.

Key Features
Strategically place weapon towers along the enemy path to destroy your enemies before they reach your base!
Enter your towers to enhance, aim, and fire at enemies yourself!
Unleash your ultimate attack of magic upon your enemies as the skies darken and your power overwhelms!
Explore the map for hidden treasure to collect gold and ultimate crystals with VR dash-teleport!
Discover enemy strengths and weaknesses to different towers!
Get attacked by enemies who steal your gold and steal your gold back!
Conquer the bosses of the woodlands and claim it as your own!
Navigate through the first-time tutorial and learn to play the game!
Beat your high score in the never-ending forever-changing Infinite Mode!

– Arrow Towers
– Cannon Towers
– Ice Towers
– Support Towers
– Anti-Air Towers

– Dwarves
– Rabbit Warriors
– Golems
– Ravens
– Ogres

– Caves
– Mountains
– Dirt Paths
– Rivers
– Lake

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Crystal Reign

Battle hordes of woodland creatures, strategically place weapon towers across the landscape, enter your weapon tower and unleash a rain of fire on your enemies, and annihilate your enemies with your ultimate attack in hand-to-hand combat!

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