Wake up in the cave,
No hands or feet,
No eyes or ears,
Use all the energy to move forward,
Even abyss and walls can not stop steps.

Go through the dangers,
No weapons,
No defense,
Bravely face the obstacle in front,
Whole body scars are heroic medals.

Lonely silence wander,
Sometimes hesitate,
Sometimes hover around,
Still believe the way is just in front,
Unknown world is waiting for me to visit.

Control Tips:
1.You can only control the white cube to jump left or right, the height and length depends on press time.
2.There is no way to attack, defense or double jump.
3.Jump based on physics, force could be add or reduce.
4.Traps and creatures will hurt each other sometimes.

-50 levels
-15 achievement

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Cube Creatures

“Cube Creature” is a 2D, platform, physics, adventure game, and also contains several riddle part. Simple pictures combined into variety adventure experience. Control the jumping white cube to pass traps and enemies, explore the unknown world further and further. Because of the physics effect, there are multiple ways to pass the obstacle.

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