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Curse of the Old Gods

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A mysterious adventure with challenging puzzles follows a suspenseful story of Prophecies, Artifacts and Old Gods.

FBI Agent Moreton is called to a murder scene at the Greenich Museum in New York. The grand opening of the new exhibition on African cults is just around the corner as the nightwatchman was brutally mauled with a flashlight. Not everyone is content with a fed walking around and asking questions. Through layers of secrecy Moreton discovers that there’s is way more at stake than the museum’s reputation. Ancient evil stirs in light slumber.

Can you solve the case or do you submit to the Curse of the Old Gods?

Featuring digitized images in an EGA graphic adapter art style (640×350 at 16 colors custom palette) and General MIDI soundtrack.

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Curse of the Old Gods

A mystery adventure game set in a present-day Lovecraftian universe.

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