The sea shows no mercy… so why should you?

Set sail for victory in Cutthroat Gunboat, a fast-paced party game that tests your skills, and your friendships. Command a ship through treacherous waters to shoot down enemies in team or free-for-all battles.


  • Local Multiplayer – 2-4 friends can blast each other to smithereens.
  • High Skill Ceiling – Easy to learn, difficult to master. Skillshot based combat.
  • Fast Paced Matches – Hold on to your breeches.
  • Challenging Maps – A variety of arenas to choose from, each with their own hazards and benefits. Use power-ups scattered across the map to your advantage.

This game requires controllers!

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Cutthroat Gunboat

A local multiplayer party game, where you sail ships and blow up your friends.

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