Cyborg Arena is a single player shooter featuring a large adventure map with battles maps where you will have to fight cyberpunk androids in a post-apocalyptic world !

Drive the buggy to explore the areas and collect dispersed items and weapons, take advantage of the destructible buildings to ambush the cyborgs and eliminate their commanders !

The battles maps are featuring an arena mode with boost bonus spawning during the game which give high jumps, invulnerability, unlimited ammo, high speed, etc… to resist for as long as possible against waves of cyborgs.

Powerful weapons such as automatic shotguns, laser rifles and assault rifles are available and can be boosted with explosive ammo !

Many achievements to unlock are also available, with support of Steam cloud and customisable graphics settings, including support for 4k resolution and also playable with Xbox-like gamepads.

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Cyborg Arena

You are one of the last survivor of a world ruled by cyborgs ! Fight and resist the cyberpunk androids through a single player horror adventure with destructible environments and various game modes !

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