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Cynoclept: The Game

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About the Game

"You awaken to find yourself trapped in an abandoned government bunker.
You continuously fade in and out of consciousness.
Finally, you are greeted by a warning."

Welcome to the conjuring of your nightmares. Cynoclept: The Game is the epitome of horror classics as you wander the site of Area 911, searching for a way out.
As you find clues and fight enemies, you will soon come to know the meaning of true terror. Will you last? Or will your mind give in to those who wish to harm you.


  • Horrifying jumpscares
  • Revolutionary artificial intelligence
  • True horror
  • Genre defining horror atmospheres

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Cynoclept: The Game

Cynoclept: The Game is a nightmare brought to life. Kidnapped and kept within an abandoned government base, with no recollection of how you got there, you must escape with your life or be brought to your knees by those who control you.

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