Classic turn based RPG gameplay combined with a dark interdimensional space opera… with some twists thrown in for good measure. Dᴀᴀᴛʜ Oʀɪɢɪɴѕ features HD graphics, programming, story and a 31 song original soundtrack… created by a single person.

  • A giant galaxy to explore, broken down into 36 sectors
  • Over 500 handcrafted planets to explore in space, in-orbit, on the "surface" (or just send an away team!)
  • Command your away teams, level them up, invade ships & explore sites of interests across the multiverse
  • Spatial anomalies that bend time & space, transport you across the galaxy, or even into alternate dimensions
  • Your actions change how the rest of the galaxy perceives you: with good, neutral, and evil alignments
  • Multiple factions to join or to destroy, with devastating consequences for the rest of the galaxy
  • Promote a skilled crew member each time you level up, but don’t let them mutiny later based off of your actions
  • When battling enemies, you have the ability to target specific systems such as Life Support or Main Power
  • Over 75 unique quests created by the developer, with another 20+ respawning random quests for good measure
  • Tons of post "main quest" content, and a lore friendly New Game+ to play once you’re ready
  • Epic "Ultra Bosses" and tons of hidden items and secrets for the discerning role player
  • Collect and mine resources, which can be Atom Printed into weapons, armor, and items for your starship
  • 26 main crew members, including 9 Executive Officers to help in your journey
  • 26 playable classes bring divergent content, bonuses and story branches from the very start!
  • and more…

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Daath Origins™

Take command of an interstellar starship & guide her through the multiverse, while managing a crew with a million fragile human lives to protect or exploit, in this open, dark, and deep turn-based RPG.

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