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Dark Descent: The Blue Rose

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An awesome JRPG brought to you by a new Indie Game Company, Minibrute Games!
Battle versus the Four Horsemen who bring forth the Apocalypse in a 5 player battle system.
Enjoy slicing and dicing your opponents in unique combo styles with epic animations!
Lots of dungeons and areas to explore.
A crafting system for items and late game Legendary weapons and armor!
Hidden crafting pages to discover.
9 different bounties to find and complete!
Hidden side quests that teaches the player powerful skills!

And So Much More!

Minimum Playtime Is Approx. 20 Hours.

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Dark Descent: The Blue Rose

An eternal war has been waging between the Light and the Darkness. Demons from the Abyss have attacked Skyworlds impenetrable gates many times over the centuries, every attempt had failed. Dameus, leader of the Abyss and all the demons that dwell in it, devised a plan to open a gate that leads to the Human world. Seraphim and Angels are bound by Celestial magic to protect Humans from the darkness' impurity.
With much blood and sacrifice, Dameus had succeeded in opening the gate...bringing forth the Apocalypse.

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