Dark Throne is a game in which you play as a knight who is going to remove the curse from the kingdom Trimont imposed by a mad king. By the curse on the kingdom of eternal night fell and the creatures living in these areas have been enslaved by a mad king. You are the only hope to repair the damage caused by the king. During your trip you will be able to free people who can teach you new skills.

Dark Throne is a 2D sidescrolling game with RPG system offering nine skills you can develop to cope better in the fight against opponents.
Another RPG elements of the system will be unlocked when you release one of the detained teachers.
On your way you will meet many types of enemies including five bosses who are different fighting style. You can use key combinations to make your character more quickly ran or jumped over longer distances.

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Dark Throne

Dark Throne is a 2D sidescrolling RPG game with a simple pixel art graphics, set in a dark fantasy world. Playing the knight you will have to free the land from the curse and sit on the throne of the kingdom.

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