Potato Face Games Presents, Dark.

Dark is unique VR experience, in which players can play one of three classes, the wizard, the paladin, or the rogue. Frontier is the first of many levels of the game and acts as an introduction to Dark, and the game’s mechanics. Player sail onto a mysterious island, rife with dangers, riddled with mystery and waiting to be explored. This game will be expanded upon and is currently still in Alpha.

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Have you just been dying to hear the satisfying crunch of skeleton bone give way under your sword? Does throwing a kunai into the face of an enemy give you tingles in a special place? Maybe you perfer to spell sling your way out of otherwise boring situations? VR crawl your way into the Dark. Join us on the Frontier Voyage of a new VR experience. By the end of our story, you won't be afraid of the Dark.

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