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Darkblood Chronicles

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Darkblood Chronicles is the story about a young high school student named Samantha. She is quirky, not really popular, and into the macabre. Her adventure begins with a strange nightmare, wherein she sees herself atop a guillotine with a hooded man standing above her, axe at the ready. With the flick of her wrist, a woman named Sin opens a vortex to the Dark Realm, dragging Samantha with her.

After arriving in the dark realm, Samantha must make her way through undead hordes, damp and musty Catacombs, ominous Cathedrals, an arid and expansive Valley, and through the remains of a War Zone with tanks, planes and still-life soldiers, to find out why she has been brought here and the mysterious circumstances surrounding her past.

• Survival horror RPG, featuring a dark, mature and complex story.
• Dialogue choices that determine one of five possible endings.
• No random encounters. Explore and solve puzzles at your own convenience.
• Active-time battle system reminiscent of old-school JRPGs.
• Imbue Samantha with over 40 unique skills. Create a character that suits your play style.
• 3 fully fleshed out main characters and over 40 playable support characters.
• Over 20 hours of gripping and addictive game play.

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Darkblood Chronicles

Darkblood Chronicles is an old-school survival horror JRPG inspired by Persona, Shadowhearts and Parasite Eve.

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