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DC Wonder: Unlimited

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In a different dimension, there was a band that perfected the art of music. That band was known as DC Wonder. As a reward for their success, they were granted the powers of their favorite warriors by the Muses; the Goddesses of Music. Full of excitement, the members of DC Wonder decide to organize a friendly tournament to test their new gifts. However, the rise of their fame created jealousy in the previous top musician of their world; Dustin. But his despair does not last, for Eris; Goddess of chaos has summoned Nemesis; the Goddess of vengeance and convinced her to grant him a power as well. With his new abilities, Dustin captures the band, and scatters them across the world to keep them apart. Will he succeed in breaking up the band? Fight your way to the top and defeat Dustin to put him in his place! Claim three championship badges in a row to appease the Goddesses of Wildlife, Beauty, and Fate to recruit new warriors!

– 6 Playable characters available & 3 hidden characters to unlock.
– A total of 12 stages to play on, with original music composed by the DC Wonder band.
– Tournament-style arcade mode.
– Compatible with USB controllers.
– Online Multiplayer in testing.

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DC Wonder: Unlimited

This is a 1v1, 2D fighting game featuring the members of the DC Wonder pop band. Play with friends or take on the 8-stage tournament to unlock new characters and stages.

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