A game about boss fights.

Dead is a twin stick shooter that pits you against ten bosses.

The Bosses
Beasts that weave in and out of heavy fog.
Horrors of bulging eyes and grinning teeth that follow you endlessly.
Swords that dance and spin around you in a flurry, as you dodge and dash around them with skill and precision.

Each boss represents a law of the universe, and with it different challenges and mechanics, making every boss a fresh and intense fight!

Game play
Dead is tough but fair. It is not meant to be impossible and does not rely on cheap "gotcha" moments. With simple but incredibly effective player mechanics, the greatest challenge will be yourself. Learn the moves, perfect the fight and pummel those bullets until it’s dead.

Want to heal? Stand still as long as you can!
Need to recharge your dodge? Don’t attack!

Layers of Difficulty
Customize your difficulty with extra options that allow you to try the game on harder and harder difficulties. These modes do not come down to "they have more health now" but test your mettle. Great for speed running or to experience easy bosses with a fresh coat of hard!


  • Original soundtrack
  • Full controller support
  • "Youtuber" mode which shifts the UI around to allow room for your face or Twitch graphics.
  • Achievements
  • Trading cards, badges and all those extra steamy things

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Dead is a top down shooter about ten, tough boss fights.

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