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DEATH TRAIN – Warning: Unsafe VR Experience

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A meticulously finetuned audiovisual experience that will fully immerse you in a near-death experience while having to complete addictive challenges. Do not let friends or family try out Death Train without preparation. Provide social support while initiating a new player and do not film their reaction for easy YouTube views.

Each level intensifies the experience with fresh and immersive gameplay elements that literally bind you to your chair. A chair you must now escape from in order to avoid your impending doom as the Death Train approaches.

18 Hardcore versions of the levels that introduce additional mechanics for those who managed to survive the nightmare. And a speedrun mode for Death Train pro-gaming events under professional supervision with safety precautions.

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DEATH TRAIN – Warning: Unsafe VR Experience

WARNING: For safety reasons, uninstall this game during parties or events where uninitiated players have access to it. Death Train VR is not recommended without professional supervision.

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