You were killed at work and that’s not all, your soul is now trapped in Deaths maze. You need to escape Deaths Maze to go to heaven. You must find portals to advance to the next levels until you find a golden key to open the gates of heaven. Do not let Death catch you as your soul will be trapped for an eternity in hell. Using a ghostly fire arm filled from mana and a glow stick that can travel through walls will you be able to out smart deaths traps and evil minions and make it through the Gates of Heaven.


Scary game play
Hell maze style levels
Dozens of enemy’s and traps.
10 Complete themes (some unlocked seasonally)
Character Upgrades/power ups
Bonus levels for extra loot
New Chapters will be released for free with huge updates

Can you escape deaths maze?

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Can you escape Deaths Maze and go to heaven?

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