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Deep Fear is an underwater adventure from the third person with great graphics and a truly amazing underwater world. Have a try of being a scuba diver!

  • You’ll have to plunge into the mysterious underwater world, explore the lost city of Atlantis and shipwrecks, collect underwater treasures, and face a lot of underwater creatures.

  • Collect underwater treasures and you’ll be able to upgrade your divers improving such features as: their performance, life, and appearance.

  • More than 300+ achievements!

  • Compete with other players to become the best diver of Deep Fear. Take the first place in the global ranking of best divers!

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Deep Fear

Divers’ underwater adventures. Shipwrecks, lots of dangerous creatures of the deep, lost city of Atlantis are waiting for you. Collect underwater treasures and upgrade your characters to become the best diver of Deep Fear!

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