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Defend Your Buttress

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In Defend your buttress, you stand behind a small wall with increasingly more difficult waves of enemies coming towards you. If the enemy breaks your wall they will then come after you. If they kill you, game over. You start at round one again. As you level up, you gain new weapons to kill with. The guns themselves can also level up. Every 5 player levels you unlock a new weapon. So including the first weapon, there are 21 total weapons. With this arsenal, you will kill stick-man, machine-gun soldiers, rocket soldiers, flamethrower men, tanks, and even a few hot air balloons. But don’t worry about a weak wall. The separate wall sections each have their own health, repairman, fortifications and upgrades. Behind you are purchasable turrets and rifleman. Both with separate exp bars. All rifleman share exp, as well as the turrets. So, the more of each you get, the faster they will level up. Most of the characters are voiced. Sorry about the two not having voices. It’s so hard to find good actors. 🙂

I got the idea for this game from old flash games that I use to play as a kid. And I wanted a first-person version. A couple years ago or so, I set out on that mission. And here it is. There are a few things that I would like to add to it. Obviously, more levels. But also split-screen mode, and different types of defense modes. But instead of working on it for another year, I got to a point where I could call the game finished. And if at least someone likes it and would like to see more, I will gladly do more. But if not, I could still call it finished.

So if you even consider buying it, I thank you with all my heart! You have validated all of that stress, time, and energy!

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Defend Your Buttress

Defend Your Buttress is a simple game. You defend your wall to your dying breath. Why? I don't know... Because the evil stick-man want to break your wall and kill you. For some reason.

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