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Delphinia Chronicle

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Game Features

[Stunning Action MORPG on Beautiful Graphic]
Select Your Class! Knight / Magician / Gunner!
Enjoy vast scenarios of Delphinia World!
Find rare items!
Grow your character!

[Vast Scenario Events and Charming Characters]
Knight – vowed to avenge the loss of princess from massacre.
Little boy – fell into despair of his unbearable fate.
Elf Lady – tries to find her way back in human’s world.
Genius Advisor of the Alliance – tries to gather them to fight against the Empire.
Everything falls into catastrophe once the truth raise its head.

[Huge Fields]
Delphinia World consists of 300 field maps with 12 background concepts.

[Distinctive Monsters]
150 monsters, 35 kinds. Each with distinctive characteristics, animations, and AI patterns
12 boss monsters.

[Various Items]
50 Weapons and 12 Costumes for each character.
Combine above items with Option Stones and Element Stones to make over 800,000 items

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Delphinia Chronicle

Fully developed PC Action RPG game!

All we need is your vote and steady interest!!

Any questions are welcomed!

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