This is the earliest version. If you want to play the final version of the game, please, don’t buy it right away. If you want to help us with the game development, be free to offer your ideas. We appreciate it!

Desert Craft is a futuristic sandbox where you can construct your own vehicle for exploring and getting over large territories! At the beginning of a game you have a regular set of blocks which allows you to create your first car and overcome any obstacles. Gradually while exploring a map you’ll be able to find new blocks.

Currently there are:

  • Constructing a vehicle– for now there is a basic car construction for reference.
  • Playing area – for now the territory is 2х2 km, there is a vastness of the desert on it including the bunker.
  • Initial set of blocks – when you play the game for the first time, you’re limited in a diversity of blocks. If you want to have more of them, you have to find drawings of blocks spread all over the area.

In the near future there will be:

  • Survival mode- you and your friends will have to challenge yourself in a desert with its inhabitants when having only clothes on.
  • Even more kinds of blocks!

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Desert Craft

Desert Craft- a futuristic sandbox where you can construct your own car for exploring new places and open more modules for a vehicle!

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