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Destroy Space Aliens

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Return to the classic days of platforming with Destroy Space Aliens! The Legendary Sir Frank Jones V has mysteriously vanished leaving you in charge to watch over his castle. On your way there you discover it is overrun with invading Space Aliens! Master both the sword and blaster to overthrow your enemies as they try to surprise and outwit you using the environment to their advantage. Will your skills be enough to retake the throne or will you need something more to destroy the Space Aliens once and for all?

Key Features:

  • Classic 2D platforming
  • 10+ challenging boss fights
  • Designed for speedrunning and sequence breaking
  • No RNG
  • Original soundtrack
  • 4 Colors
  • Password system
  • 3 different endings depending on in game actions

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Destroy Space Aliens

Challenge yourself and enter the castle of the Legendary Sir Frank Jones V to destroy invading space aliens! Slash, blast, and dash your way to victory in this retro side-scrolling action/adventure.

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