Feature List

Create and share levels using the built in level editor and the Steam Workshop.
Compile multiple levels into a package to share all at once.
Compete against others with unique leaderboards for each level or level package.
Just want more levels? Browse the workshop and see just how creative other players can be.

About the Game

Diamond is a fast paced puzzle game demanding quick reflexes as you control a ball with perpetual vertical momentum through a wealth of various levels. With over 30 individual puzzle components, the goal of destroying gems is rarely ever as simple as matching your color and hitting them.

You’ll dodge homing bombs and direct them into explosives, ignite or destroy generators which supply power to force fields, lasers, hazard bricks and color switches, guide spiked bombs to open paths or destroy falling fuses, unleash tornado gems to rip apart whole sections of levels, and far more, all with the ultimate goal of clearing the diamonds and moving on. Feeling competitive? See how you compare to others with leaderboards for every level or level package both official and player created from the workshop.

In addition to over a hundred levels is the same fully featured editor used to create them, complete with integrated Steam Workshop support support so you can seamlessly build levels or even mini-campaigns and share them with people looking for a new or creative challenge.

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Diamond is a fast paced puzzle game where you need to think quickly and creatively to manipulate various components to clear the level and progress.

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