A Fresh Take on Puzzler Gameplay

Didgery is a unique amalgam of card and puzzle. Strategically chain together a series of cards to restore life to the suites and keep the world in balance. Develop long chains to release a surge of spiritual energy that consumes nearby cards.

Discover Power

Play well, and you will unlock Special Cards. These unique entities allow new and more expressive methods of forming chains. Some of these cards radically alter how the game can be played, opening up new venues and strategies that will greatly assist you.

Uncover the Truth

Parchments hidden behind heavy chains contain fragments of Didgery’s mysterious storyline. Bound since ancient days, these sentient texts desire to have their truths read aloud, but a powerful Hex mutes their wisdom. It is said that a concentrated surge of spiritual energy will quell the curse.

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Didgery is a unique merger of card and puzzle that blends fun explosive action with thoughtful
strategy. Sit back and relax in Zen Mode, or put your skills to the ultimate test by battling the forces of
evil in Nightmare Mode. Change up the rules with Special Cards, uncover a fantastical back-story of
biblical proportions, and immerse yourself in the relaxing zen-like atmosphere. Didgery is a fun,
addictive, and fresh experience for both puzzle and card aficionados.

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