Died of Fear is a simple retro game inspired by the 16-bit generation that will test your basic gameplay skills.


Survivor – The brave girl is encouraged to look for treasure in a graveyard at night but is lost. Every second, her fear increases and she needs to catch power-ups to keep the fear from growing as she collects as much as possible.


Each power-up has a specific function like reducing fear, increasing your score or both:

  • 1. Heart – Reduces a small amount of fear.
  • 2. Potion – Reduces a large amount of the fear.
  • 3. Skull – Gives 1000 points to the score but increases the fear drastically.
  • 4. Gold, Ring and Money – Gives 500, 200 and 100 points to the score, respectively.

You need to get a power-up before reaching the ground.

Good luck!

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Died Of Fear

A simple retro game where a brave girl is lost in a graveyard at night. The fear constantly increases. Help her overcome by collecting hearts and potions that regain her courage. Avoid skulls but get them if you want to make more points. And do not forget to collect the rare treasures.

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