Why we fight

Aeons ago, dinosaurs were expelled from Earth due to their eating habits.
Dinosaurs were never extinct like humans thought though, they are still out there.
They discovered Earth has Rabbits, and love eating them.
Humans have genetically engineered Rabbits into excreting starship fuel.
Genetic engineering secrets were permanently lost due to wikipedia fire of 2666.
Humans must protect the remaining genetically engineered Rabbits, or all hope is lost.


Experience this top down online arcade style shooter, where you will be blasting through endless waves of Space Dinosaurs whilst protecting a starship full of rabbits on their long journey to safety through space.

Select a pilot from 4 different classes and improve your pilot’s skills with experience points gained from fighting each level.

Select up to 4 special abilities to be used in each level.

Equip your ship with equipment collected from the levels, and modify each weapon with attachments which can alter your weapon in unique and crazy ways. From making weapons pierce all enemies to turning them into automatic turrets.


Highly customisable ship system
Crafting Station to improve items
High score table
Skill tree
Seeing Dinosaurs swim through space

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Dino Scourge

Fly a space ship, kill Dinosaurs, level up, find loot, save the rabbits

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