Disassembled, a new breed of wave based shooters.

Enter the arena of Disassembled the futuristic game show where you will start from the bottom and earn your way to the top by destroying the waves of robots in your way. Earn in game currency to buy better and more devastating weapons as well as defences to help you survive in the arena longer.
Become immersed in vibrant arenas ranging from desert wastelands to underwater worlds and encounter some very unique and in most cases dangerous robots.
View the robots in the hub to find out their weak points and plan your next round by choosing the right weapons for the job.
Earn trophies for high scores and see your cabinet fill up with the gold and silverware of your legendary battles.

Enter the arena as a rookie…but emerge a champion!

Disassembled is best experience with 360 setups.

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Enter a new bread of wave based shooter.
Disassembled - The futuristic game show where you will
start from the bottom and work your way up the celebrity ranks by surviving an onslaught of carnage against wacky bots.

Travel from sector to sector earning in game currency from every show to improve your arsenal and defenses, from minions that fight for you to full automated turrets.

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