Disc League is a fast paced combat game where mastery of your disc is key. Using your disc you can hit opponents, deflect discs, generate a shield and teleport. The disc is an extension of you.

The game modes are free for all and team deathmatch. You score points when you hit opponents and they score points by hitting you.

The multiplayer levels have been built around the capabilities and properties of your disc. For example, cover in a game of disc does not require you completely hide your body behind objects, the disc is a medium sized projectile, not a bullet that fits through tiny cracks. Some levels offer special pipes to throw your disc through to teleport to the other side. Other levels offer organic cover that allow you to mount an offense while still being protected.

The online programming is also built for the disc physics. There are no "hitscan" weapons (i.e. no guns). You have a chance at seeing incoming attacks and defending yourself. More tuning of the online physics will occur during the early access phase but we believe it is fairly tuned now. The servers are also dedicated and independent, we don’t favor the attacker or the defender – this is mostly possible because we don’t have hitscan weapons.

The disc is driven by real physics but has many of its own special properties. Gravity does not affect the disc but gyroscopic forces very much do. You can perform unique arcs on your throws and the bounces against the walls are very elastic. At any time, you can "activate" your disc, which results in generation of a defensive shield or teleportation. There’s also a built in targeting system and propulsion system. We are considering adding some control to disable/enable the targeting and adding a stealth mode.

Other features are in the works, most notably, a single player challenge mode – you can read more about this in the Early Access section. This mode was functioning very well at a point but needs to be restored after the many changes and tweaks that have happened for multiplayer.

For a full list of planned features please see the Early Access section.

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Disc League

Competitive disc throwing combat. Play online or locally with up to 10 players in a free for all or on teams. Explore combat optimized environments and master the intricacies of your disc. Single player mode and more features are in development.

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