About the game:

Disco Destruction is the story of a derelict Miami disco, built by an old, grumpy man from Mykonos. You just found yourself in the wrong place and time and… boom, now you are a DJ.

But there are no mp3s or laptops with glowing fruits. Only the old man’s dusty vinyl collection, and some broken record players. Keeping the people happy won’t be easy. You’ll have to keep your eyes on their mood, and strategically build it up, until they reach “ecstasy”.

Can you DJ? Well, the old man doesn’t care. You f****d it up, and now you have to pay up. Just play some music, man, and keep the customers happy, to keep them paying. And, for god’s sake, never let the music stop!

Hustle your way towards Miami’s DJ stardom, pay your debt to the old man – and maybe save his lifelong dream from demolition.

Things you can do:

  • Play music using your virtual vinyls
  • Manage the mood of the customers
  • Break things
  • Enjoy getting "things" thrown at you
  • Make money – and compete for a high-score

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Disco Destruction

Be the DJ. Keep the customers happy. Make some money. And save the disco from destruction.

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