DIVE: Starpath is a fast-paced, arcade style runner that isn’t a runner at all, but a curved flightpath through the stratosphere of massive planets. You are Diver Juno, a tenacious young astronaut in pursuit of a mysterious traveler. Fight the gravitational pull to maintain your orbit, gather data and oxygen canisters, and find the truth scattered amongst the hazards of outer space.


  • 3rd Person Gameplay
  • Classic arcade flight maneuverability
  • Gravitational pull & rotation mechanics
  • 5 Unlockable Planets
  • Extendable levels
  • Unique hazards and obstacles
  • Original soundtrack
  • Engaging narrative
  • Resource management


XBox Controller

  • Left Stick – Navigation
  • A – Boost
  • Left / Right Triggers – Rotation


  • WASD – Navigation
  • Space – Boost
  • Q / E – Rotaion

About Us

Gravity Well Studios began with 13 University of Utah EAE Capstone students. This team of artists, engineers, and designers graduated in Spring of 2016 and decided to continue their work as an indie studio ever since. We are so thrilled to bring you DIVE: Starpath, our passion project and first shipped title. Thank you for playing!

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DIVE: Starpath

Dive: Starpath is a third-person runner set in the stratosphere of massive planets. Guide yourself through the perils of interstellar space as you pursue a mysterious traveler. Fight gravity, gather the data canisters, and don't lose orbit!

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