It’s 1980 – and you have to save humanity!

Dogstar – enjoy intensely satisfying moments of pure arcade action, achievement, and destruction. Ride a smooth difficulty curve with single-shot mayhem and powerful powerups and progress

  • Pick up and play Arcade Action

Each main level in Dogstar a 3-minute destroy, rescue, survive and escape mission. Seek out and destroy the enemies to free your comrades, rescuing a set number per level to open the stargate to the next level. Hang around and go for points and cheeves, or take the exit straight away to maintain your lives – it’s your choice.

  • Simple goals, long term challenge!

Progress from Jupiter (Easy) to Mars (Medium) and Earth (Hard).

Make it to Venus to take on the main gathering of enemy hordes, defeat the Bosses and blow up Venus to win the game. If you can finish the game on the Rookie mission, you will be returned to Jupiter for the Veteran Mission – all enemy abilities will scale up even further….how long will you last, how high will you score ?

  • Skill levels, mission levels

Dogstar comes with two main skill levels: Regular, and Brutal. Brutal is as it says – a real challenge for Arcade experts or Dogstar veterans. Finishing Dogstar on Brutal skill level playing the Veteran Mission is a long-lasting challenge for even the best gamers. You can choose where to begin your mission – you needn’t grind out the early levels if you don’t want to – skip them and throw yourself deep into the action from the get-go.

  • Powerups, Crafting, Pickups, hidden bonuses

Powerup your main weapon with the Multi-Orb pickup – an smart-weapon that gives you 2x shots of enormous power, and multiplies all rewards. Also use the Multi-Orb to craft powerups you need. Shoot the planets to generate more Multi-Orbs and Rockstorm bombs. Use the hunter-enemies (Otto and The Miner) as weapons of Mass Destruction.

Play Dogstar with a friend in either Co-op Campaign mode, or Versus mode. (Deathmatch)

In Co-op Campaign mode, you can choose the skill level you want to play each level at, and you can share lives, keeping the weaker player in the game longer. It is a great training ground for playing Dogstar – 2 Ships are better than 1!

In Versus mode, it is a fight to the death! Each victorious duel will award you a medal, collect 5 medals to win the 8-bit trophy!

  • Fantastic retro chiptunes

Bug out to the funky chiptunes in Dogstar, all used with permission and composed by the very talented ROCCOW. (Check out his soundcloud)

  • Online High Scores

Powered by, Dogstar uses an OAuth2 secure system of authorization for each score submitted – meaning the only scores you see on the high score boards should be legitimately earned – No ridiculously high, impossible scores clogging up the leaderboard.

  • Achievements and Trading Cards

21 Steam achievements come with the game at launch, including 5 "Dual Purpose" cheeves designed to boost your high score. Steam trading cards coming soon. More cheeves will be added with game updates.

  • Controllers

Full Xbox 360 gamepad support, keyboard control support

  • New Content and bonus stages planned

We’d love the community to be involved in Dogstar’s continuing development. We’d love to hear from the community about how to evolve Dogstar.

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Dogstar is an action packed Retro-Arcade shoot and rescue mission with loads of Mass Destruction! Play 1 or 2 players (Co-Op/Deathmatch) in 3 minute levels, battle scaling/evolving AI difficulty, Multiple skill and mission levels, Secure online high scores, 21 Steam Achievements, and more!

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