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Dollal Simulator 2018

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About the Game

The authentic Dollal Simulator 2018

How would it be, to make millions in stock exchange?
How would you spend all that money?

Become an authentic trader in this excellent simulation.
Mac El Oliver will guide you along your path of becoming a millionaire.
You have the option to buy and sell authentic Dollals, but you will need both, luck and a great strategy to truly master the art of trading.
Spend your money on fast cars and other items.

Excellent Features:
-realistic trading system with 100% real-time generated Dollal value.
-Graphic interface
-authentic 3D estate
-Authentic Voices and Soundeffects

Don’t hesistate to buy the most authentic trading simulator out there on the market!

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Dollal Simulator 2018

The most authentic stock exchange simulator. Buy and sell Dollals in order to become a millionaire!

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