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Dominari Tournament

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Already the ruler of a vast empire, you’ve now set your sights on your enemies’ possessions. Your lust for power has no limits; a whole universe is there for the taking! Engage in intense 1-on-1 competitive multiplayer combat for the spoils of war in the addictive, intergalactic real-time strategy game, Dominari Tournament!

  • Battle in fast-paced one-on-one multiplayer wars against enemies online or versus an intelligent A.I. computer offline.
  • Activate, upgrade, and combine special abilities – from devastating striker missiles to resource management support upgrades.
  • Execute strategic moves to get the upper hand in battle: Skill is required to win!
  • Explore and expand a massive solar system by acquiring multiple planets.
  • With randomized symmetric maps, every battle is a new and exciting experience.

The universe is out there – still to be controlled. Leaders of successful empires have decided it’s time to take it over … once and for all. With all sharing the same agenda, conflicts rage, wars are waged, and destruction ensues. There can only be one ruler of the universe. Who will it be?

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Dominari Tournament

Dominate the known universe as you explore, exploit, and expand the worlds around you – and stop your enemy from doing the same – in the intense intergalactic real-time strategy game, Dominari Tournament!

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