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I tried to reissue one of the most popular DarkRP mods. At the moment, this game does not contain all the available mechanics of fashion, but it already has innovations: improved graphics, weapons improvement system, RAID system, the absence of model and texture bugs as in the original. The game is released in order to raise funds for further development to bring the game to an end. So if you want to enjoy the reissue of fashion, then at the moment the game is not ready completely and you are not at the address, but you can buy a copy of the game to support the development.


  • Choose job
  • Buy weapon
  • Buy apartments
  • Buy money printers and print money
  • Raid players

Future updates

  • Vehicles
  • New city district
  • New jobs
  • New mechanics
  • New weapons

Weapon upgrade

Added new weapon upgrade

Character editor

Added test version of character editor

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You moved to live in the city Downtown. Try to get out of poverty in the city, which is ruled by the police and the mafia.

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