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Dr. Dungeon’s MADMAN!

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Dr. Dungeon’s MADMAN! A classic role-playing experience with a twist on typical conventions. As the madman or woman, you must travel through a charming yet strange land in an attempt to restore your sense of lost honor. A hugely interactive game world with all the features we like to see, and many new ones we haven’t.

From combat to magic and crafting and a host of zany NPC’s, you’ll experience a style quite unique to this genre. Engrossing, dramatic, and just the right amount of campiness!


  • Create a lone wolf character from a large range of classes, as a man or a woman. Each class can evolve as you venture forth to develop new abilities. Select from a range of carefully crafted portraits and character icons.
  • Turn-based tactical combat with plenty of unique sounds and graphic effects make combat both engaging and fun.
  • Explore a large open world in which you can interact with almost anything in the land. Craft various potions from plants and make weapons from ore mined in the dungeons.
  • Interact with a wide variety of interesting characters, from the stern lessons of an arcane master to the crazy ramblings of the local merchants. Go on quests from the silly to the bizarre. You can even join in a whacky outdoor party!
  • Dr. Dungeon’s MADMAN! promises an ending you will never forget.

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Dr. Dungeon’s MADMAN!

Dr. Dungeon's MADMAN! is a large old-school fantasy RPG that features turn-based combat with a strange new world to explore, with towns, dungeons, forests, deserts, swamps and great icy regions.

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