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Dragon Adventure VR

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The Dragon Adventure is a low-poly style casual game for HTC Vive, in which you control your little dragon collecting crystals. And don’t get caught ! We hope to bring you guys a whole new experience of RC flight control in VR.
Besides, our little dragon is young and still practicing his flying technique. Please be prepared for the "air crash".

The Dragon Adventure includes 4 chapters with 16 levels and two extra challenge levels which are fun and challenging,


New Remote Flight Control with motion controller

Adorable Characters

High Level of VR Comfort

Fun For All Ages

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Dragon Adventure VR

"My father is the most famous explorer in the dragon world. Two months ago I'v lost contact with him. He was on a unique expedition. I studied his research and followed him to an anonymous isle. I have to find him!"

Follow our little dragon to a mysterious Island.
Collecting crystals to reveal the path to find the little dragon's father, aka Piggon the Great Dragon Explorer.

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