You can play this game even if you do not have a VR headset.
It is divided into "non-VR main story mode" and "VR dedicated battle mode".


Huge meteorites suddenly collided with your spaceship and your ship is drifting in the outer space.
Let’s take various actions and survive in the lonely universe!


Space survival simulation / action

●Docking to drifting ships

Let’s dock to ships drifting in outer space, explore inside, fight enemies and collect resources and items.
You can choose the drifting ship you dock to by yourself.

●Expand spaceship freely

Let’s expand your spaceship freely by using the brought back resources and items.
By constructing new facilities, things that can be done will increase.


Self-sufficiency is important, such as operating thermal power generators and nuclear power generators, planting crops in fields and harvesting.
Let’s take care of food.

●Item craft

You can craft new items by combining items you have.
Crafts require exclusive facilities and machinery, and in some cases electricity, water, oxygen and chemicals are necessary.

●Rescue companions

Let ‘s ride a Planet Exploration Boat and rescue companions who crashed by the collision of the meteorite.
Various merits will arise if you help your companions.

●VR dedicated battle mode

VR dedicated battle mode is not related to main story.
Let’s defeat the enemy and aim for high score! Score will be deducted if you take damage.

●Multiplatform support

Windows, Android, iOS supported.
By using the built-in data synchronization function, you can share data with multiple devices.


The group of two self-taught high school students created this game.
From planning to release, it took about a year of time to complete.


If you are satisfied with this game, please support us by purchasing this donation DLC.

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Huge meteorites suddenly collided with your space ship. Due to that shock, your ship is drifting in outer space now. Let's take various actions and survive in the lonely universe! Can you finally return to the earth? Your survival life begins now.

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