While we are sleeping, we visit the most different places and live the most exciting experiences: everything feels vivid and realistic. Dream UniVRse is a small indie collection of minigames set entirely in the dream world, every dream you visit presents you a new challenge to understand and complete in a few seconds.
It is the perfect game to show you and your friends the many possibilities of VR!


  • Play dozens of different exciting minigames, but don’t lose yourself: the clock is always ticking!
  • Use every part of your body, the games are designed to show you the full potential of the HTC Vive!
  • Save the dream world in the story mode! (Not available in the demo)
  • Get the highest score with just three lives in the arcade mode!

The demo uses many sounds from freesound,
for the full list see here: https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/datboi/suoni+attribuzioni

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Dream UniVRse

Dream UniVRse is a collection of mini-games for VR that represents the perfect show reel for your VR setup. Visit every possible level in the story mode or try to get the highest score in the arcade mode.

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