• The Squad Edition includes all 12 pilots available at launch
  • Plus an upcoming 5th class with 3 all-new Pilots

  • The Squad Edition comes with all 120 current pieces of gear
  • Plus 24 pieces of gear for the all-new 5th Rig class

  • One exclusive Early Access Portrait
  • One exclusive Early Access Vision tower Icon
  • One exclusive Alter Ego: Daredevil Recon – an unique version of our pilot with different costume and alternate gear loadout

Dropzone is an all-new strategy gaming experience developed by Sparkypants Studios, which includes some of the creators behind the critically acclaimed, award-winning hits such as Rise of Nations, Rise of Legends, and Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

All of humanity depends on a rare and powerful energy source called Cores mined from Jupiter’s moon Europa—but Europa has fallen. A hostile alien presence called the Kavash has conquered Europa’s vast energy resources and pushed humanity to the brink. It’s time to fight back.

Step into the role of a skilled and daring Core Hunter, part renegade captain and part privateer, and compete against mercenaries and elite military companies for riches at the edge of the Dropzone. As war consumes the galaxy, collect Cores, build your fortune, and secure a destiny among the stars.

RTS or MOBA? It’s Both!

Created by a team of veteran strategy game developers, Dropzone combines core RTS elements of strategy, map awareness and attention management with key MOBA mechanics like tactical positioning, unique abilities and in-game leveling. The result is intense white-knuckle gameplay with endless depth. Try it out and decide for yourself – it certainly is great fun whether you prefer RTS or MOBA!


Face off against your rivals in a 1v1 match or pair up with a few friends and battle on the icy plains of Europa in the fun and furious Dropzone 2v2 mode. Clash for Cores on a custom map with your friend, creating your own signature co-op strategies and wombo-combos. Or hold your ground together with fellow Core Hunters as long as possible in the cooperative Infestation mode.

Explosive 15 Minute Matches

You will command a squad of three highly-specialized battle Rigs in intense 15-minute matches. Collect Cores and complete map objectives to score points, and whoever has the highest score when time runs out wins the match. Every moment counts and every strategic decision matters as you struggle against the Kavash and other Core Hunters that are intent on stealing your glory.

Unique Pilot Abilities

Recruit daredevil Pilots from across the solar system, each with his or her own default Gear and set of unique abilities. At level 5, Pilots unlock their powerful Special Move that can change the course of battle in the blink of an eye. Ravage the battlefield with Pandora’s pulsating Litany of Plagues. Heal your whole squad with Widget’s Rapid Repairs. Or throw the winning punch with Knockout’s stunning Haymaker.

Deep Rig customization

Choose from literally hundreds of Gear options and outfit your Rigs with select Gear choices that grant active and passive abilities to match your play-style. Do you trap your opponents with a Nanite Wall, shock them with electrified Twinned Coils, suck them in with Dyno Vortex, or rain death from above with the Skylance? As you level up, you will acquire blueprints for new gear and use the game’s crafting system to unlock game-changing new abilities.

Devastating Squad Combos

Build your squad from four classes of Rig: the hulking Tank, powerful Gunner, resourceful Mechanic, and unpredictable Summoner. Use your squad effectively to execute creative combos that will send your enemy reeling. Stun a Rig with Turbine’s Positron Condenser and then rain down damage on it with Recon’s Rocket Cluster. The strong may survive, but only the clever will triumph.

PvP and PvE Battles

Accept Transmissions from characters across the Dropzone universe to embark on single-player scenarios and experience combat beyond multiplayer matches. Fight your way to the top of the upcoming single player leaderboards, or find out how long your squad can survive against the endless Kavash hordes in the debut of Infestation Mode for Early Access.

Dynamic Replay Controls

Watch live Dropzone matches, or show off past favorite victories to your friends. Using the game’s best-in-class viewing mode, relive your greatest Core hunting moments and study the moves of the top players to improve your skills. Built with casting in mind, Dropzone’s spectator client directs the action so you can call the action!

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Created by a team of veteran strategy game developers, Dropzone combines core RTS elements of strategy, map awareness and attention management with key MOBA mechanics like tactical positioning, unique abilities and in-game leveling.

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